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Opinion Polls.me uk is the place to have your say in some of our UK polls and surveys.

Surveys and polls are divided into three main sections on the Opinion Polls website.


Share your opinions and views in our selection of "Opinion Polls". Politics, the Economy and Government.

Polls about various topics to do with the Economy, Politics, Government of the UK and Europe.

You can voice your opinion by voting in our opinion polls.


Share you attitudes and views about topics and issues. Science, Housing, Health, Sport, Motoring, Money and more.

We carry out surveys about we think our users will find interesting. Social issues, science, health, education, motoring, sport and money or financial issues.

Share you're views and take part in our surveys.


Our predictions section is about finding out what people think is going to happen.

Take part in our "predications" section where people can vote for topic issues and their predications for the future. For instance see our predictions about computers page.

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One of Our Current Polls or Surveys

Opinion Polls and Surveys - VoteAim of Our Opinion Polls & Surveys

The aim of our polls and surveys is to simple.

To give you and others the chance to give their opinion or view about topical issues from around the UK and see what other people think.

You do not need to be registered to vote in open polls and no personal details are collected about you.

Have your say...


UK Polls and Surveys

Everyone has an opinion.

Now you can voice yours....

And see what other people are thinking too.

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All voting is anonymous and no personal details are required to be able to vote in our polls and surveys.